Welcome to the Business Breakthrough Series!

Whether you’re stuck and need a boost to get moving again, or in need of a breakthrough to get to the next level, this course will guide you to create the changes and momentum you need to make it happen!


IMPORTANT- READ FIRST: Please read the following guidelines and instructions before getting started to be sure you get the most out of this course:

Schedule time for this course:

Over the next 4 weeks be sure to carve out some time in your schedule to focus on each lesson. My recommendation is to block off about 90 minutes for the webinar and prep/review time, along with about an hour each week for implementation of your assignment. I highly suggest to block off the same time frame each week to keep yourself on track.

Weekly Downloads & Assignments:

Note: BEFORE watching each week’s webinar, you will need to download and print TWO documents which are linked at the top of each week’s lesson:

  1. Your “Weekly Business Breakthrough Worksheet” (to be used DURING the webinar).
  2. Your lesson-specific form for that week’s topic (e.g. week 1 is “Business Breakthrough Declaration Form”) which will be completed during the week. We will refer to it during the webinar so be sure to have it handy.

When the week is complete and you’ve finished the assignment, you’ll upload your FORM at the bottom of that week’s lesson page. Be sure to upload your FORM for each week to the associated weekly lesson (e.g. week 1 forms need to be uploaded to week 1). These forms are PDFs which means you will need to print them out and write on them, then scan and upload when you have completed it. You will not be able to move to the next lesson until you have uploaded your form for that week (including the final week. And you want your certificate of completion!).

Once you have completed the webinar for the week and uploaded the form, you will see a completion mark for that week’s lesson. Woot!


You will focus on each week’s lesson for a full week, and will only get access to the next lesson once you have: 1- uploaded your assignment AND 2- it’s been a full week. For example, if you start today, you will receive access to the next week’s lesson in 7 days from today (as long as you have uploaded your assignment). “Completion” of each week’s lesson is achieved when you complete the viewing of the webinar AND upload your assignment.

Why do you not get access to the next week’s lesson sooner if you “finish early”?  The reason is that it’s really not about checking off the boxes on the assignment. The most value comes from the process of mastering each step and having time to implement it during the week. So, it’s not a race, but an opportunity to master key habits and a process to create the changes you want in your business- not just during this 4 week course, but beyond!

So, are you ready to get started? Below are your 4 weekly lessons. Let’s jump in and get started now with week 1! Click on the first lesson below to get started.




P.S. If you have any problems with accessing the course materials or are unclear about how to use this system, please contact me directly at sara@fabfempreneurs.com and we’ll get the issue resolved so you can get on with your breakthrough :-). ***Please bookmark your log-in page for easy access.

Your course materials and weekly lessons are listed below:

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Course Materials

Materials needed: 1) Pen and notepad. 2) Weekly downloads (provided as links within each week's lesson page). 3) You may need earbuds for the audio if you're in a public area, or if you need to minimize noise. 4) Environment: Be sure you're in an environment where you can focus. Minimize your distractions as much as possible in order to get the most from this course.