Content creation is an incredibly hot topic nowadays. Everyone knows how important it is. They know they need to be creating consistent content. The value and benefits of it are easy to see and experience. There isn’t much resistance to the idea of content increasing a brand’s value.

Write the content. Market it to your audience. We get it. It makes sense. It’s not really a hard concept, but what happens when you create all of that content and it gets you nowhere? It’s time to take a step back and look at the strategy you’re using to promote your content. If you’re not using a strategy, I need you to bookmark this page and refer to it often.

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Building Your Strategy

First things first, create an audience persona. This isn’t everyone you’re hoping will read your content. This is one person. Write out their habits, their likes and dislikes, where they are in their journey right now, and what type of content they are hungry for. Next, figure out the type of content you can create which satisfies their hunger.

Your next step is to create a keyword list. This is the list of words of phrases you want to be known for. Work on making this more of a longtail list, instead of short phrases. For instance, focus on San Diego Newborn Photographer, instead of just San Diego Photographer. This could also be online business millennial coach, instead of online coach.

Once you have a list of phrases developed, you start building your content strategy. Where are you going to be publishing your content? Places like your blog, Facebook channels, and weekly newsletter go here. Decide where you’re publishing your videos, where your blog posts are going, and how many times a week or month you’re going to be sending it all out.

Market It

As you hit publish on your content, you need to market it. You’ve got the online portion covered, but now it’s time to start talking to people about it. Set up a couple of guest posts, do several interviews, and create a community of support. Talk with your friends and family and ask them to push it out to their network. You never know who they know who may need that special thing you offer.

Create a couple of posts and articles which mention top influencers and people you admire. Make it really great and then send it to them in an email. Let them know what made you include them and how thankful you are for the influence they’ve had on your journey. They will more than likely be ecstatic to hear from you and see all the work they’ve been doing have a positive influence on someone. This also helps increase your statistics, as they will most likely share it to their audience.

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Get Started

In the end, having a content strategy will give you the ability to produce consistent, valuable content which in turn will enhance your brand image and authority. It will also keep you from scrambling to figure out what type of content you need to create and when you want to publish it. Not only will it make your life easier, but when you finally decide to outsource creating and publishing this content, you’ll have a map on what to do and when for whoever you outsource it to.

It can be overwhelming to actually sit down and create your strategy. It definitely seems a lot more complex than it actually is. To help you get started, I’ve included a free content strategy template you’re welcome to download and use. Should you want more in-depth help or just don’t have time to produce the content you need, send me an email. I’m always happy to help!

Do you have a content strategy in place? How has it helped you? Comment below!


11942091_960310970693366_2312288717240187649_oMy name is Kaylee, a content strategist and copywriter for stressed business owners who know they need to produce consistent copy but just don’t have the time. I am a graduate from UC San Diego with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.

I use my passion for organization and planning to help small biz owners plan out their content, figure out their annual strategy, and then help them get it written!! I specialize in writing witty copy that brings fun back into your brand while maintaining your status as an expert in your industry, all while you’re running your business.

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