Are You Too Busy to Make More Money?

It sounds like a silly question…of course you’re not too busy to make more money- at least that may be your first gut response. You may desire to increase your revenue, but upon looking at your schedule and commitments, are you too busy to make more money? If so, with what? You’re in business after all- not a volunteer service provider.

Here are a few common mistakes that could be keeping you feeling stuck and at capacity, and ultimately from your next level:

1) You’re focusing your time and energy on things that are not most important.

You may be feeling “capped out” and don’t really see how you could make more money with all you have going on (e.g. household, relationships, family, sheer volume of workload). Choose to put YOUR time and energy to the most important things first each day; consider delegating items that must get done but that don’t require you to personally complete them. Such tasks can either be business tasks such as social media scheduling, follow up calls, or website management, or personal tasks such as errands, housecleaning, or cooking. If you decide you’re not going to make more money, then you won’t. If you decide that there’s a way, then you will.

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2) You haven’t thought about what you really want to accomplish through your business.

There’s a difference between: a) accomplishing performance, project, and revenue targets in your business (e.g. # of calls, # of sales, launch a video campaign, start blogging 3 x per week, reach six figures) and (b) the bigger picture for doing all of these things E.g. What do you really want to accomplish and what is the bigger impact you want to make in the world through your business? If you haven’t gotten clear on this you’re missing a vital piece to success.

3) You’re afraid.

There I said it. You are too busy doing things that technically need to be complete, but keep yourself busied by them in part to give you an alibi for not doing the very thing you know you must do or deeply desire to do. Yet you feel painfully afraid to even go there. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear that you’re not good enough, or fear that it will bring much more attention and risk, you’re not alone. Yet, if you don’t face it head on you’ll always wonder and possibly sabotage your greatness- what you could have been and done.

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4) You’re not charging enough money.

Even if you’ve mastered the common challenges above, you can still get in your own way of making more money if your fees are too low. If you don’t value yourself and your offerings neither will your audience. Check your fees- when was the last time you raised them?

5) Your business model sucks.

You’ve got to make it as easy as possible for people to do business with you and for you to leverage your efforts.  Consider how can you bring more leads in with less effort, close a higher percentage of sales, and/or reach and serve more prospective clients at once.

In my video below, I share 4 strategies to break through the cycle of being too busy to make more money.

Watch and share in the comments below what tip you’re going to implement.

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