build momentum

At this point in the year, hopefully things are moving along in your business. If not, there are a few reasons why that may be so, but with just a few tweaks you can get yourself on track and build momentum toward your goals. I know that you’re serious about getting momentum going, and for some of you- seeing your big vision come to fruition! Here are four questions to ask yourself now to blow it out of the water this year and show your business some love:

#1 What is my vision for my business this year? In other words, have you taken some time to “see” what you’d like to do this year?  It’s critical before lunging into busyness of day-to-day activities to have clear sense of what you’d like to see happen and accomplish this year. Otherwise it’s more likely that you’ll be busy, but not feel productive. Before setting specific goals you need a clear high level scenario in mind for what you’d like to do and experience, and what impact you want to make on your intended audience or community. This step is what drives more meaningful goals and makes deciding on your goals much easier. It also separates those who tend to stay struggling in their business from those who soar and make their biggest impact.

If you’ve already established your goals and are well into working toward them, awesome- it’s still worth taking a quick step back to get a high level view. You can vet your goals and adjust as needed. By doing so, you’ll have more peace of mind and be super confident that you’re working on the right things for you and your business.

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#2 Do I have a specific list of goals for the year? Yep- goals again! You may be thinking “Yep, got em!” or “Darn, I still need to write them!” Goals are simply the “what” you’re doing to accomplish, contribute and experience what you want this year- personally and in business. Your goals should support the lifestyle you want just as much as the impact and money you want to make. So, if you still don’t have goals set- really written out and posted or visible to you- then it’s time to do that now. It’s hard to know whether you’re making progress if you don’t know what you’re working toward. Furthermore, if you have a team it’s hard to lead them if there’s not a common vision or set of goals they can get behind (people want to part of something greater than themselves). I know what you may be thinking…”writing or vetting my goals is taking time away from me getting thing done,” and you’re already overwhelmed with all you have going on in your life and your business. But, isn’t it better to spend all your hard work, money and resources with peace of mind that it’s on the right things? This step will ensure you have a clear game plan and if you’re already charging ahead on your goals consider how you can rally people (e.g. your team) around your vision and getting even more commitment on helping you reach your exciting goals!

#3 Am I taking care of myself? This isn’t just a warm and fuzzy nice question to ask yourself. It’s really mission critical to the success of you business! If you are ignoring the things you need to do to take care of you – not sticking with your morning prayer or intention setting, skipping meals or workouts- whatever you know you need to feel energized, focused and bring your best – you won’t sustain a high level of productivity or see the results you want without folding in to your busy schedule time to recharge and fill your cup. Get this back on track today. As Stephen Covey imparted, you’ve got to feed the goose who lays those golden eggs, otherwise the golden eggs stop. Instead of waiting until you’re exhausted (or sick!) delegate tasks and take time to recharge. A proactive approach is not only good for you, it’s good for business.

#4 What few things produce the greatest results? What are the three things you can do every day for the next month to make significant progress? There’s something powerful about big strides early on in the year. If you’re honest with yourself there are a few things you know that lead to significant, productive results in your business- things that build momentum quickly. Imagine doing those things every day for a month! Your business would pick up and you’d have momentum going quickly. This step is about focusing on the few things that produce the most results for you (the Pareto Principle). Write these three things down now. Actually doing them doesn’t have to take long- implement one thing related to the items you wrote down, every day.

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When you have clarity, vision, confidence about what you’re doing, are focusing on what really matters, and you’re taking care of yourself …look out…your impact is about to expand! Your productivity is about increase. Your results are going to shift dramatically. It’s time to build momentum now!

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