boost productivityThere are hundreds of thousands of resources on productivity and time management, yet many entrepreneurs still struggle to feel that they are managing their time well. Why?

Do you ever reach the end of the day only to wonder what you actually accomplished? That leaves an unsettling feeling that you weren’t productive or successful, and that’s no fun. The good news is you can do something about that right away.

It’s time to make it happen and get it done whether it’s getting your first workshop developed, writing your book, or creating a referral program. You’ll be sure to make major traction when you apply the strategies in the get-it-done guide below.

  • Get focused. A BIG part of being and feeling productive at the end of the day is FOCUS. Being clear on what your focus is and then staying focused is key. Get more done and get the right things done with these tips.

How to get focused for your highest impact >


  • Set yourself up for success. How you set up your day, manage your tasks, and even your approach to getting tasks done can impact whether you’re productive or feel scattered. Know yourself and your typical distraction culprits, for example, and nip them in the bud before you launch your day. How? There are certain proven techniques you can leverage to keep yourself on track and boost your productivity. I guess you can call them productivity hacks…I like that.

Three productivity hacks to try now >

  • Keep it simple. The most successful people don’t necessary accomplish the most things but rather what matters most to their success however that’s defined. Sure, they’ve learned how to handle a large to-do list, but not necessarily on their own. There will always be more to-dos, so how to you manage an ever growing to-do list where everything seems to feel important?

How to tame your to-do list >

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