The Fulfilled Fempreneur is a three-part series that will help awesome fempreneurs bring back more of the excitement and fulfillment that comes from launching and growing your business while managing uncertainty and frustration along the way.

Part Three: Follow The Leader – YOU!

Yes, running a business is hard, and we each face challenges every day. When we start to get stressed or distracted orfulfilled female entrepreneur demotivated, it’s easy to blame external problems like a big to-do list, a low checking account, or a nasty client. However, you may be overlooking the number one contributor to your malaise – YOU!

That’s right, you have the power to create and recognize all the positives going on in your life…or to focus on the negative and stall your progress.

If you’re a fempreneur, that means you’re a leader to your employees if you have staff, your clients, and hopefully even your community. Now it’s time to start leading and motivating yourself. Take control of how you perceive your situation and tackle anything that’s not working right. Nasty client? Make a concrete decision on how to address the problem. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to confront the client directly about their behavior, fire them, or decide their check is worth the hassle. The act of making a decision will give you control of your situation.

Another great way to be a leader to yourself is to develop goals for your business and your life. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that goals are incredibly powerful way to achieve success!

It might be quite a shocker to learn that less than 3% of Americans recently surveyed reported setting AND writing down goals. Even fewer people reported reviewing those goals on a regular basis.

Think about this astounding statistic and then how far ahead that puts anyone who does write down and regularly review their goals.

Be the leader you know you are. Establish regular life/business planning sessions (I recommend once a month), and ask yourself the following power questions:

  • What will I continue?
  • What will I stop?
  • What will I start?

 Asking yourself these questions will help you establish, prioritize, and recommit to your goals (and also throw out the ones that are no longer relevant). These three questions provide a helpful mirror that can, at times, make me cringe but also empower me in my life and my business. How are you doing at leading yourself?


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