The Fulfilled Fempreneur is a three-part series that will help awesome fempreneurs bring back more of the excitement and fulfillment that comes from launching and growing your business while managing uncertainty and frustration along the way.

Part Two: Connect The Dots – Connect Your Daily Actions With Your Overall Goals

In last week’s blog post, Create a Clear Vision That Motivates, I explained the importance of having a vision for your business and provided a couple of tips to creating and clarifying your vision. This week, I’d like to talk about that oh-so-common bad habit that fempreneurs make of getting so busy doing that they forget WHY they’re working so hard in the first place.

Well, your WHY is your GOAL!  Think about a current project you’ve been toiling away at for a while. WHY did you launch that project in the first place? WHY is it important to you? Your response to these questions can give you insight into what your goals are if you didn’t already have them laid out.

Despite being driven, ambitious, and effective at their craft, many fempreneurs fail to set specific goals that they review regularly. If I were to call you right now and ask you to name three of your life or business goals, would you be able to articulate them? If not, it could indicate that you don’t have goals, you need to review your goals, or your goals have lost their relevancy.

In order to bring back more of the excitement and fulfillment that comes from launching and growing your business, make an intentional connection between your daily actions and your goals. Once you’re clear on your major goals, you can more easily see which strategies and activities are connected to your goals, and which are pulling you in the wrong direction.

Go back to your list of projects and identify which goals each project is connected to. This simple-yet-powerful exercise will reinforce your goals, highlight wasteful activities, and possibly indicate new goals you should add to your vision. These new insights will also help empower you to enjoy your work and have fun with your business.

No matter what type of business you have or what stage it’s in, make sure you are connecting the dots between the actions you take and the goals you’ve established.

Stay tuned for step three in the Fulfilled Fempreneur series: Follow the Leader – YOU!


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