Want To Make More Money With Your Business? Perform a Business Review

Step Four: Don’t Let Any Prospect Fall Through The Cracks

Clients and customers equal business, so it makes sense that as part of your business review you make sure you’re taking full advantage of every lead. In my last blog post I encouraged you to evaluate your current marketing. Hopefully, you were able to discover which marketing tactics were bringing you the highest return on investment and then cranked the volume up in those areas.

If so, you should have improved your stream of leads. A lot of business owners make a very big deal about leads, jumping for joy when the leads are rolling in and going into full meltdown if the lead supply begins to dwindle. Hold on! Remember, a lead is only a potential client. Leads by themselves mean next to nothing if you don’t do your special magic to convert them into customers.

That’s what this blog post is about. Firstly, I want to make sure that you have a consistent, well-oiled system to capture leads. Shoe boxes do not count! Whether you use sophisticated software like Salesforce.com or just a plain old Excel sheet, make sure you capture as much information about each prospect as possible, including:


  • Name (first and last)
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Company
  • Position
  • Website and social media sites
  • How they found you
  • Date of initial communication


Include a notes section so that you can list what issues/concerns the prospect may have mentioned or which of your services or products they are most interested in. You’ll also want to record each time you reached out to them, including the initial contact.

Many of the fempreneurs I’ve met have this down pat (though no worries if you don’t. Just make it a priority to develop your lead capture system ASAP). Where we tend to get tripped up is the follow up, especially if the first or second outreach didn’t work.

It’s important to not just build your list of prospects but to also use the list to follow up effectively with them. Some prospects aren’t ready to buy right away and may need some time before you approach them again. Others may forget about your offers or get distracted, and consistent follow up is just what they need.

I usually advise my clients to review their prospects list each week and search for prospects that may be cooling off. It’s important to reach out to these leads to keep them warm and aware that you are still there to offer your support and services.

If possible, give your prospects a call on the phone. Email is just too easy to ignore. That phone can feel mighty heavy, especially in tough times, but pull your boot straps up and dig in, Sister. Believe in what you are offering, be genuine in your concern for your prospects, and, of course, have a purpose for your call.

If you get the sense that the prospect has lost complete interest, then take them off your follow up list. That’s just one more space that a warmer lead could be taking up. If you get a positive response then be sure to mention any free consultations or samples that you offer to see if you can get the prospect into the start of your sales funnel.

Overall, remember that prospects are only as valuable as your dedication to follow up. Don’t let your list grow cobwebs and don’t let your next best client slip through the cracks.


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