Every year is an opportunity to be better and do better in your business.

To keep moving forward and upgrade to your next level, you must actively and intentionally assess the previous year:

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What will I do differently next year?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself. The key is to decide what you will TAKE WITH YOU.

I recently asked the Sweet Spot membership Club what their BIGGEST lesson learned from 2017 was.
They answered openly and with the desire to support other fempreneurs around the world.

Here are a just few of their lessons:

You MUST decide on your target market, and find a Niche– get very clear and stick with it.

– Kristi Lee Serafin, KristiLeeSerafin.com

I learned the importance of investing in my business. When you first start out, paying clients are slim and the start up costs feel overwhelming and I found myself committing to too much and being tight fisted with how I spent my money. Now that my business is maturing and I have a steady flow of paying clients, I see the VALUE in investing in coaching, systems and marketing to help me scale my business to the next level.

– Marcy Browe, MarcyBrowe.com

I’ve always know it, but this year proved to me yet again the importance of letting things go, whether by choice or not. I’ve had several client relationships end this year and pulled the plug on a big project that I was no longer interested in pursing for various reasons. Once I let these things go, I was able to free up mind and heart space for new initiatives. New opportunities came to me almost immediately that were a better fit for me and my business.

– Kristin Deuber, KMDPR.com

2017 was a year of DIVING IN…and so I did. I knew I was going to burn myself out, but I didn’t care. After my pregnancy with Silas and being sick with hyperemesis, I was beyond ready to make this a BIG year. I have lots of things I am really proud of, but definitely a few regrets and things I learned along the way.

In terms of business, I pushed myself daily and took every opportunity that came my way. Sure, I was scared out of my wits, but I was driven by passion and thankful for these opportunities. I photographed my first wedding….and 10 more. I teamed up with 2 other photographers and we launched a Birth photography business, Hellolifephoto, and I photographed 2 births. I photographed my first concert…along with 4 days of concerts at a 90,000 attendee music convention in Anaheim. I got to photograph one of my idols, Boyd Tinsley, of the Dave Matthews Band just a few feet away from him and John Mayer in a private room for his new CD release.

One of my favorites was photographing my first lookbook for a local children’s boutique. In the midst, I photographed endless events and remarkable family sessions. On the back-end, I implemented a workflow to my business and set up a project management system, took a full course on marketing communication, completely re-designed my website, and established a blog and newsletter ready to launch. I am exhausted, but I am so proud.
Being a mommy is hands down my favorite. As busy as I was, I filled all the time in between taking Silas on play dates and out on adventures. We took Stella on lots of trail and ocean runs and stayed very active. We had a blast. We never sat still and we met so many new friends and explored new places along the way. It’s been the best.

On a personal self-care level, this is where a lot lacked. The only time I carved out for me was for one hour a week playing soccer with my girls at the YMCA in Encinitas. Sure it was a great time and healthy release, but I know it’s not enough. I am burnt out and in the midst of everything, realized I forgot how to say “no”. And this isn’t about being busy versus not being busy, it’s about clearing the clutter and activities that don’t speak to my happiness.

So, with that said, this year, my goal is to live with more INTENT and be more VULNERABLE. To continue pushing myself, but to carve out time to reflect, listen to my heart and truly get down to my deepest roots of happiness, passion and dreams. While I chalk 2017 to be a very successful year on a lot of levels, I am ready to have a year that brings more laughter, inspiration, memories and a more authentic version of myself.

Cheers to 2018! Dream big.

– Katrina Murphy, KatrinaMariePhoto.com


So, what is your BIGGEST lesson learned from 2017? We’d love to hear from you so drop a comment below.

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Here’s to a FABULOUS year ahead!