Guest post by Ashley Lopez

You live and breathe your business. But, do you know that you wear it too?

As a business owner, the image that you create is important in more ways than one. You’re a walking billboard each day, representing not only yourself but the business that you have created through countless intense, heart pounding hours.

Don’t let that go to waste from a bad first impression. You’ll never get a second chance to make a great one. Today, it only takes seven seconds for that first impression to happen!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to draw in those ideal customers who take one glance at you and think, “that woman looks like a put together power house, she has her stuff together, I have to work with her!”

So, let’s make that first impression a good one! Starting with your wardrobe.

As a Fempreneur we wear many hats- client meetings, networking, and admin, just to name a few. Trying to juggle everything can be challenging enough. On top of that, figuring out what to wear each day can be a struggle you just don’t have time for. I get it.

You are already the boss of your business, and with a few simple steps you can take control of your wardrobe and be the boss of that too!

  1. Do some browsing

Finding out which styles you like can be tons of fun! Everyone has their preferences. That couldn’t be more true when it comes to fashion. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with one type of style. I happily encourage mixing and matching. Do some browsing, hop onto websites, blogs, and Pinterest (my fave). Get inspired by what you see! Then hit the stores and try them out!

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  1. It’s all about proportion

style for women entrepreneursYou can have a killer figure, but if you are wearing the wrong proportions with clothing, no one is ever going to know! Learn which body type you have and see what flatters your figure. The most common shapes are apple, square, pear, hourglass, and inverted triangle. Beyond that, take these simple tips and follow them! If you are wearing something heavy on top, a coat, or a chunky vest, do a substantial shoe to balance it out. When in doubt, do heels or wedges. Elongating the body is the best way to flatter the figure.

  1. Purge that closet

Do inventory of your closet twice a year, if not more. Items that are pilling or have holes, or stains
that cannot be removed are best to get rid of. If you haven’t worn something in a year, and it is collecting dust in your closet it’s time to let someone else love it. There are plenty of consignment stores and online resale sites to get you some money back!

Anything that does not fit you, even if you are waiting to lose those ten pounds to fit back into them, put them in storage or donate them. The last you want is for your closet to mock you and make you feel bad for the current state you are in. You are gorgeous and there are plenty of clothes out there to make you feel it!

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  1. Shop Smarter

style for women entrepreneursSome of us tend to have a jam-packed closet, yet nothing to wear.  Many women fall victim to buying something just because it “was such a good deal” or, “it’s the newest trend.” Perhaps you saw that black blazer and just had to have it because it was 70% off! It didn’t matter that you had four more just like it at home that probably fit better. Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Only buy what you LOVE, and what you NEED.

Ask yourself:

  1. Will I wear this more than once this year?
  2. Does it fit me well?
  3. Do I need it?
  4. Can I afford it?

If the answers are YES, then bring that item home and enjoy!

Most importantly, have fun with fashion. Use your style to express yourself and your personality. The right people will be drawn to you! As an entrepreneur that could not be more important!


personal stylistAshley Lopez is owner of Array of Style, a Southern California based Personal Wardrobe Consulting service. Through her services, she empowers and educates women on how to use fashion as a tool to build confidence. By creating a wardrobe for her clients with only pieces they love, they can feel confident and radiate their beauty inside and out. She hopes to share her beliefs, tips, and tricks with women to inspire them to use fashion as a powerful and uplifting tool. Learn more at