You’ve set your goals for the new year, now what?

At the start of a New Year it’s easy to feel excited about your goals and hopefully you do! But, come the end of January, you may feel a little blah about your plan as you start to implement the day to day activities of running your business and the steps required to reach your goals.

When this happens, you run the risk of shrinking back from pushing toward some of your goals, or start to feel discouraged and give up early on in the year. But, that doesn’t have to happen!be accountable to reach your goals

As a Fab Fempreneur, you are ready and excited to grow your business this year and have intentionally decided what you’re going to do to make that happen. You’ve put a lot into starting your business and getting it to where it is today. Keep that momentum going and your focus strong as you dive into your plan this year. How?

It’s the A-word…Accountability.

This year and every year, to really “blow it out of the water” you will need to set up an accountability system. All great performers, athletes, and highly successful entrepreneurs have built-in accountability for hitting their targets, for reaching higher, and following through with their commitments. Accountability is what sets extraordinary entrepreneurs apart from average entrepreneurs, and fulfilled fempreneurs from frustrated fempreneurs. To make this year the best ever, and stay committed to your goals throughout the entire year, you need to be accountable to reach your goals. [Tweet “Accountability sets extraordinary entrepreneurs apart from average entrepreneurs @FabFempreneurs”]

Here are five benefits to being accountable for making progress toward your goals:

  1. Make progress faster (and waste less time). Research shows that when you make a public commitment you are more likely to do it, whether it’s following through with that health goal or a business goal. This means you’re likely to make progress faster than if you’ve only committed to yourself to complete a task or project by a certain date- you know someone is counting on you to do it, because you’ve declared you will! Consider how much time you’ve wasted scattering efforts on a strategy that just didn’t make sense for your business, or chasing the many shiny objects that seem to appear. When you’re held accountable, by your accountability partner, coach, or coaching group they support you to not chase the shiny objects that don’t support you, and instead empower you to stay the course (focus is power!).
  1. Bust through barriers. Have you ever felt stuck? It can be overwhelming and feel very lonely when you don’t know why you feel stuck or how to get out of that place. Or perhaps you are on a path toward launching a new program or service offering and you hit a roadblock that feels monstrous. Being accountable to someone can offer perspective and ideas for seeing why you feel stuck or see the “barrier” in a new way so you can break through it and get UNstuck. It’s hard to be energized with creativity, serve your clients, and connect with your audience (online or in-person) when you feel stuck; sometimes you just need a little help or guidance on how to get through it or around it. [Tweet “Accountability brings breakthroughs in business! #GetUnstuck #businesscoach @FabFempreneurs”]
  1. Access more opportunities. When you put your ideas and challenges out there to someone else you trust, they may know of a resource, connection, or tool that is just what you need to bust through a barrier, meet the right person, form a collaboration, or receive a highly valuable referral. I’m always amazed at the creative collaborations and connections that occur in my coaching groups and mastermind groups. Opportunities come with accountability.
  1. Feel supported. There’s something powerful about knowing you’re not on your entrepreneurial journey alone. When you hear that someone else has had the same struggle or challenge it makes it less scary and more doable to overcome it. It’s also a lot of fun to celebrate progress and success with others who are rooting for you!


  1. Be challenged. It’s too easy to keep doing what you’ve done and just “coast”. You’ve got to be accountable to reach your goals and that means answering for what you accomplished as well as what you didn’t and why. Evaluating why you miss a commitment is a personal growth exercise in itself and it’s a great way to challenge yourself to be better. Plus, when you have an accountability partner, group, or coach, hearing about how they are pushing themselves and about their exciting goals it inspires you to reach higher.

Can you see why high performers and successful entrepreneurs tap into the power of accountability?

Imagine having a steady source of accountability providing all of these benefits as you work toward your goals, and ultimately reach or even surpass your goals.

There are many ways to be accountable to reach your goals and add an accountability system into your business including:

Know exactly how to measure your progress. This requires first having a clear set of goals (SMART goals) along with a clear written plan of action steps to reach them. Once you’ve done this you can easily track your progress. This is self-directed accountability to specific actions and milestones connected to your goals.

Ask someone to be your accountability partner. Pick someone you trust, who understands your business, and who can offer ideas, or ask key questions, and with whom you can offer the same in return.

Work with a coach. This is the most powerful way to be accountable to reach your goals and take your business to the next level. There are many people who hire a coach for private coaching or as part of a group coaching program. Each option can provide significant accountability and the atmosphere needed to catapult your results.

Are you ready to bring the powerful benefits of accountability to your business?

Here two ways you can get accountability from me to reach a higher level of success this year and stay the course:

Group Coaching– Building your business in a group setting offers the opportunity to collaborate with other women on the same journey. My group coaching program guides you to grow your business in seven key areas for a successful business via my Signature Business Building Program, all while group members share ideas and support each other. Take the first step to find out if group coaching is right for you by seeing all the details and applying here.

Private Coaching– Sometimes you need personalized, laser-focused attention on your business and you want to make progress quickly. Private coaching is the best way to do that, whether with my curriculum-based Signature Business Building program or a fully customized coaching arrangement. Take the first step to ensure that we’re the right fit by setting up a coaching consultation today. During this 1-hour session, you will get clarity on your business direction, see immediate steps to get momentum going, and confirm which coaching option is best for you.

Are you ready to bring more of the A-word so you can bring your A-game? Share your first steps to be accountable below!