The reality of being a daily fempreneur is that you are busy! Throughout the year, you push hard toward your goals while making time for all balance being and doingthe other things that matter to you. If you’re like me, you might find it difficult to balance the BEing and the DOing. The end of the year is a great opportunity to create some time and space to BE.

Here are a few tips for creating space that allow you to feel creative and get recharged in time for the New Year…

Clear your schedule for a whole day. A whole day? Yes, to work on your business, with no appointments or tasks to complete. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it might be exactly what you need. When is the last time you “played” in your business? Creativity often strikes when we are experimenting and exploring, and with how busy you are, I am betting that doesn’t happen very often. That’s why you can make it happen ON PURPOSE. Have a business play day! Sit at your desk (or a place where you feel creative and energized) and get out a pen and paper and see what happens. No rules. Allow your mind and heart to explore your business without judgement, and capture on paper any ideas, images, words that come up. You may not use the entire day, but at least your mind is free from thinking about a task that awaits you. Plus, I am sure you can find a fun way to use the remainder of the day. Have fun exploring!

Create a specific morning routine. Consider that how you begin your day has a huge impact on how you feel throughout the day and what you actually accomplish. Experiment with adding some “quiet time” in the morning before you jump into DOing. Whether that means prayer, meditation, reading motivational (non-business) materials, etc, create the space to BE. Set a clear intention for yourself and your day. It’s amazing what a mere 10-15 minutes of BEing each morning can do for you!

Do something FUN. Sounds simple, I know. I also know that it’s not always easy.  You take time off from working the biz to have some personal time and do something fun, and find yourself periodically checking emails and your business social media pages. That’s energy being sucked right out of your fun. Not cool. I am guilt of this myself and know I am not alone. I challenge you to practice having fun and being fully present in it. It’s SO much more energizing when you do. Heck, have several days of fun and being away from business. You’ll be recharged and high on creative juices when the New Year arrives.

What other ideas do you have to balance being and doing as we get ready for a fab New Year? Share your ideas below!

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