Leverage Your Strengths and Delegate the Rest

Five Ways to Simplify your Business and Make More Money, Bonus Tip #1

If you are like most business owners (and people in general), you probably feel like you aren’t making the best use of your time. Maybe you find your to-do list growing longer every day and can never seem to get around to the things you need to do to grow your business (Look for my upcoming blog post on taking control of your to-do list using the dump, bump, or do method).

It’s time to carefully review all the responsibilities and tasks that make up your business and then to consider delegating some of those tasks to talented professionals.

Here’s a little example to demonstrate why delegating can be such a powerful strategy to improve your business and life.

Renee is a consultant who works from home. She puts long hours into her business but has been rewarded with a steady clientele and financial success. One thing she regrets, however, is that she’s not able to cook dinner for her family each evening. Instead, she always seems to be spending her limited free time on housework. Renee hates vacuuming and dusting and doing the laundry, but if she doesn’t do it, who will?

Easy. Lots of people clean houses for a fee. If Renee truly values time with her family, why is she spending her precious free time doing something she despises?

Renee eventually gets the picture and hires a cleaning service to come every other week. For only $100 a month, Renee doesn’t have to worry about doing another pile of laundry (ahhhhhh), and she can cook dinner for her family most evenings. The cost of the housekeeper is well worth the price.

Delegation isn’t just about hiring a cleaning service or a lawn care worker to unload some domestic duties. This same strategy can be applied to your business with great results.

I often suggest delegation to clients who feel overwhelmed or fume that they never have time to expand their business. The responses I get are almost always the same. The client heartily agrees that delegation would be a great solution, but then immediately launches into an explanation about how they either have nothing to delegate or couldn’t possibly delegate any of the important, complicated tasks related to their business.

Nonsense! Email me now to request a FREE six-step guide to figuring out the business tasks you should probably already be delegating.

Delegating the right activities to the right people will allow you to focus on the most important areas of your business where you can make the greatest impact and increase your income the most. As a bonus, when you delegate the tasks that you dislike the most to talented vendors, your business will function better than ever.