Introducing the Fab 4 Formula, consisting of: Head, Heart, Habits and Hub.

The first two domains—Head and Heart—are internal domains, while the second two domains – Habits and Hub – are external domains. Head is thinking, strategizing, knowledge and your mindset; Heart is your passion, belief, leadership and sense of fulfillment; Habits are taking action on your designated tasks, making decisions and choosing the best options that support your goals; Hub is your sphere of influence, the people and places you surround yourself with. Consider what role each has played for you thus far in starting and growing your business, or perhaps on a recent project.

Each of the four domains provides a different lens through which to view:

  • your business as a whole
  • your current path
  • your desired outcomes

Consider each domain when assessing the overall performance and health of your business. When all four “lenses” overlap you have found your sweet spot. So, consider how well you are engaging, aligning and implementing all four, and the results that you are currently getting.

On the other hand, when only some of these four domains are engaged, aligned and implemented you will experience less than optimal focus, fulfillment and financial success. In fact when you leave just one domain out of your business equation, you might feel:

  • frustrated
  • overwhelmed
  • burn out
  • like your efforts are just a crap shoot

Many women get so close to being a fab fempreneur and end up missing out because they don’t know what’s missing. Even if you tend to be more of a “heart person” rather than a “head person”, as you carry out your goals and decide on what strategies you will implement to reach your goals, in order to truly be a fab fempreneur and attain fabulous results you must consider the role of all four domains.


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