From Blending In to Blazing Your Own Path









January 28 – January 29, 2022 | 8:30AM-5:30PM PT

The Way of the Bold, Brave and Bountiful Business Woman!

You’re smart, passionate and ready to reach the next level in your business but you’re…

    • Trying to do it all on your own
    • Fed up with the formulaic and funnel craze approach to marketing and sales
    • Plowing full steam ahead without direction or a focused vision
    • Living through other people’s definition of success instead of your own
    • Tired of working so hard but never making real or bankable progress
    • Feeling isolated, alone and bored in your business
    • Overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck in scattered thoughts and actions
    • Struggling to get to the next level without support or guidance you can trust

I get it. Because I once felt exactly the same way!

women in business conference

I used to believe building and running a successful business had to be complicated, serious and hard.

Following fleeting trends and throwing darts hoping something (well, anything) would stick.

And no single part of this was fun or exciting or even resonated with me.

In fact, it sucked and made me feel gross and inauthentic.

I didn’t start a business to feel trapped, alone, overwhelmed or undervalued.

I started a business to have more FUN, more Freedom, make a REAL DIFFERENCE and do BRAVE things.

And my hunch is, you’re the same.

If you’re here, I know some things about you…

You’re wildly creative, intelligent and brave…

You have BOLD dreams and BIG visions…

You’re not looking to follow in the footsteps of a worn out path….

Because you’re the kind of woman who loves a challenge…

Your ambition, drive and desire to create something new and meaningful is strong and palpable

But you struggle finding the time, the energy or the space to turn that BOLD ambition into a solid action plan that gets results and makes a real difference in people’s lives.

You’re managing multiple roles from child rearing, maintaining a home, and running a business to squeezing in time for fun and friends when you can.

You’re trying to find the “thing” that will finally turn the tide in your business – so you can get out of the monotonous hustle and grind and get on a fun and exciting path that feels inspiring and in alignment with who you are and the impact you want to make.

You are on a path…intentional or not…so the question is, are you on the path you want to be on?

Imagine what it would feel like if…

– You had the resources and guidance you need to create the life and business you want– on your own terms…

– Where you felt fully supported, understood, and empowered

– Crystal clear, confident and excited about your life AND your business…

Finally free from feeling alone, scattered, exhausted and overwhelmed…

– Broke away from other people’s expectations of who you are and who you can become…

– Experienced tremendous expansion on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially…

– That resulted in you making a much bigger and more meaningful difference in the lives of others…

– Living BOLD running a business that matched your true desires and why you started your business in the first place…

– Freedom, fun, making a real difference, and expressing yourself fully, authentically and unapologetically…

– Because you stopped following in the footsteps of others…

– And became a trail BLAZER instead…

– Forging your own path forward.

Here’s what Rebecca has to say about her experience at Fest.

“This experience was so inspiring! The vision work on what I want to create opened me up to so many more possibilities that I had no idea were in me! The women I met are so incredible and inspiring. What a gift to be on this path together! The breakout sessions were fun, educational and inspiring. I learned so much and gained so much insight into what’s possible for me! What an amazing experience!”

– Fest Attendee

I’m going to let you in on a not so little secret…

Growing your business does NOT have to feel or be complicated, hard or overwhelming. And being successful does NOT have to suck every once of your energy or consume ALL of your time.

In fact, building a business can be simple, and feel thrilling, fun, daring and exciting!

All it takes is for you to stop doing business like everyone else.

Because you’re not like everyone else. You’re not in this for fame, followers or fans. You’re in business to create something new and exceptional, something that doesn’t already exist.

If you’re ready to blaze your own path, a path that feels fun, freeing, fulfilling, and meaningful…

And leads YOU to running a wildly successful business

Fab Fempreneur Fest was designed for YOU!

Get excited, encouraged and equipped to grow and scale your business in a way that feels daring and deeply meaningful.

Fab Fempreneur Fest

From Blending In to Blazing Your Own Path

January 28 – January 29, 2022

2 Day Online Workshop Retreat for Women Business Owners

Blazing My Own Path

Hi, I’m Sara and I’m so glad we found each other. I believe you, as an entrepreneur, have an exciting opportunity to blaze your own path forward. To be clear and intentional about your path, specifically in terms of what you’re accomplishing, contributing and experiencing in and through your business.

If you’re stuck in a business that feels more like a cage, it’s not because you aren’t smart enough, strong enough or savvy enough. It’s because you’re trying to fit into a space that is simply too small for your lofty ambitions.

I know a thing or two about blazing a new path. I took a big leap from my hi-tech corporate job as an Organizational Development Consultant in 2008. In just 5 years, I grew two highly profitable and fulfilling businesses by using a radically unique process.

For over a decade, I’ve coached and supported women entrepreneurs just like you through this same process because… it works! Through my Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program, my Fab 4 FormulaSM program and my “roll-up-your-sleeves” coaching style, I show ambitious women how to pinpoint and lean into what I call the “Sweet Spot” – that place where you make more money, make a bigger and more meaningful impact, and have a lot more fun!

My superpower is forming deep connections and bonds with women entrepreneurs so they feel understood and valued for their contributions and their courageous ambitions. Fab Fempreneur Fest offers a rare opportunity to work with me and many successful women entrepreneurs in building a business and a life that feels exciting, brave, bold and bountiful!

If you’re ready to stop the hustle and grind and finally get the vital steps, support and guidance you deserve to blaze your own path, join me at Fab Fempreneur Fest!

What You’ll Learn

During this two day online workshop retreat, you’ll participate in laser focused group coaching sessions with Sara Clark Williams where you’ll develop and build a strong foundation in the four core elements in reaching your high level business goals.

“Fab Fempreneur Fest isn’t an event where you sit and listen or even sit and listen and take a few notes and hand out a business card or two. This was a two day workshop retreat where you do the work, right there and then, on your business. You gain clarity on what you need and then you’re guided through tangible action steps that you can and do immediately take and the resources and the connections to get immediate assistance, support, and inspiration to do what needs doing but may be outside of your ‘realm of genius’.”

– Fest Attendee

These interactive sessions are vital to rise, shine and live your BIG, BOLD vision and include:

Enhance Your Growth Mindset:

It’s not about WAITING to make money to make changes. It’s about making the changes to make more money. During this interactive coaching session, you’ll grasp what it takes and how to prepare your mind to hit your next level results.

Perfect Your Offerings and Price for Maximum Profit:

Are you set up for maximum profit and impact? During this session, you’ll evaluate your core set of services, access where you can add more value or fine tune the messaging, and learn how to price based on the results you get for your clients. This laser focused session is a game-changer for women who struggle with sales and charging what they’re worth OR who are ready to focus on their biggest profit maker!

Identify Time & Energy Saving Systems that Work For You:

Are your systems working for you? Are they saving time and precious energy? Are they streamlining your process? Can you streamline further? During this intensive coaching session, you’ll easily identify go-to systems to implement that immediately free up your time, reduce stress and overwhelm and give you space to create higher income producing offers.

Shift From Doing it All to Doing What You Do Best:

Where do you need more help or more hands on deck? What tasks and functions require your time, energy and creative thinking? Where do you want to spend less time and energy? In this fun, creative and engaging coaching session, you’ll focus on what really lights you up! Once you’re clear on what excites you, you’ll determine which tasks and areas to offload so you can focus on business and revenue generating activities you do best and enjoy the most.

 Event Schedule

DAY 1: FRIDAY, JANUARY 28 | 8:30AM-5:30PM PT
8:30–9:00AM Coffee Conversation & Connection – make new friends!
9:00–9:25AM Welcome Message
9:25–9:45AM Intention Setting & Partner Share (5 min BREAK)
9:55–10:45AM Enhance Your Growth Mindset – Sara Clark-Williams
10:45–10:55AM BREAK

Perfect Your Offerings and Price for Maximum Profits – Sara Clark-Williams

(BREAK 11:40-11:50AM)

12:30–1:15PM LUNCH (on your own- RECHARGE!)


(2:05-2:25PM BREAK)

Afternoon Breakouts:

Session I Topics:




Session II Topics:


VIP SESSION: Q & A- Bringing it all together with Sara Clark-Williams

3:00PM–3:10PM  BREAK
3:10-3:11PM 1 Minute POP UP Dance Party!
3:11–3:35PM Raise Your Vibes Through Creative Expression
3:35–4:10PM Get it Done Challenge! Get started on your action plan!
4:10–4:30PM Day 1 Closing Remarks
4:30–5:30PM VIP Paint & Wine
8:30–9:00AM Coffee Conversation & Connection
9:00–9:20AM Opening Message

Identify Time & Energy Saving Systems that Work For You – Sara Clark-Williams

(BREAK 9:55-10:05AM)

10:40-10:41AM 1 Minute POP UP Dance Party

Shift From Doing it All to Doing What You Do Best – Sara Clark-Williams

(BREAK 11:30-11:40AM)

11:40AM: Ask Us Anything: Fab Fempreneur Panel Q&A

12:30–1:15PM LUNCH (on your own- RECHARGE!)
1:15–2:15PM Mastermind Your Big Idea or Challenge
1 Minute POP UP Dance Party


(3:05-3:15PM BREAK)

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Session I Topics:





Session II Topics:



4:05–4:20PM Movement Exercise and Group Share
4:20–4:40PM Keep Up Momentum Closing Message
4:50–5:45PM VIP Happy Hour: Speed Networking w/Signature Cocktail Kit!

Breakout Session Speaker/SPONSORS!

Melissa Blair

Melissa Blair

Stop Losing Sales: Implement an Automated Follow-Up System that Turns Prospects into Paying Clients

Got leads who are interested but not yet ready to buy? If you're not engaging them, you're either forgotten or driving them to your competitors! Having an automated follow-up system makes you memorable and moves prospects into paying clients. In this high energy session, Melissa shares an easy to implement system that keeps you top of mind so you stop losing money on leads and convert with ease.

Fab Fempreneur Speaker Jennah LearJennah Lear

Why your elevator pitch isn’t working and what to do

Marketing has changed and if you're stuck in the 90's, you're probably still leading with your elevator pitch and missing out on huge opportunities to reach and earn more. If you want to play bigger in your business and consistently attract the Dreamy clients, it's time to ditch the elevator pitch and lean into the power of your message! In this empowering session with Jennah Lear, you'll learn her Core 3 method to grow your brand and why a marketing message is crucial to position yourself as the go to expert and attract dreamy clients this next year!

Your Breakout Session Speakers:

Kelly Stokes Brown - Fab Fempreneur FEST SpeakerKelly Stokes Brown

A Fun & Focused Way to Write a Kick-Ass Sales Page

Never again feel sleazy or slimy in selling your services or products! Whether you're promoting a course, membership program, or high-end offer, your success depends on the words and imagery you use on a sales page. In this interactive and engaging workshop, you'll not only learn how to write a kick-ass sales page, you'll discover the "hidden" beliefs and obstacles that get in the way of you making the money you deserve. You'll walk away with a fillable sales page template to make writing compelling copy that converts fun, easy and more in alignment with who you are, who you serve and the value you offer.

Fab Fempreneur Fest Speaker Kathryn Evans NunezKathryn Evans Nuñez

How to Convert and Sell to Your Online Prospects

Never again show up and throw up in your prospects inbox. Learn how to use a variety of strategies, both indirect and direct to move your online prospects from cold to sold. In this talk you will roll up your sleeves and get busy on understanding the 5-segments where your prospects exist and strategies to convert them to the point you are no longer trying to prove your value. Take control of your sales calls and close more deals.

Tammy Fink

Create Unique Experiences That Blow Your Clients' Minds & Impact Your Bottom Line

The #1 brand differentiator today is not price or product, but the quality of the Client Experience you deliver. Entrepreneurs who create unique client experiences are outperforming their competitors on all levels. In this upbeat breakout session, Tammy teaches you how to create meaningful and memorable connections with your clients so you form long-term relationships, define your brand and solidify your reputation as an industry leader. Equipped with the key steps to deliver the ultimate client experience, you'll stand out, get and keep more clients and make more money!

Fab Fempreneur Speaker Katy TempleKaty Temple

Be Vibrant and Victorious on Video: Find Your Voice, Raise Your Confidence and Spread Your Message

Ever wondered about the future of video in business and why it pays to be more confident and authentic on camera? Join Emmy Award winner and Executive Media Coach, Katy Temple, for a comprehensive session regarding the fundamental elements of producing an excellent, engaging and authentic on-camera presence. Whether it's your nerves, a lack of confidence, or lack of preparation that keeps you from being visible, Katy provides an effective game plan to find your voice, raise your confidence and craft your message so you create binge worthy videos for your audience. 

Samara Hakim, JD

Mindset to Movement: What Inclusive Leaders Need to Do Today to Thrive Tomorrow

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: What’s really at stake for leaders and business owners? There’s no denying the imminent need for fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture. Fostering a sense of belonging today leads to running and leading a successful and sustainable business tomorrow. In this session, you’ll learn actionable strategies for facilitating a movement, both within and outside your business, to serve the greater good and the future of those you serve.

“2 days of rich, relevant instructional content, interspersed with ample time for sharing, bonding, and having fun as a group, and focused alone and group time to delve deep on business strategy. This mix resulted in incredibly beautiful bonding, energetic connections, potential business synergies and collaborations, and amazing breakthroughs. You can’t help but come away from Fab Fempreneur Fest feeling rejuvenated, energized, and on fire for growing your business!”

– Tamara Golden, Owner and Founder, Journeywork Retreats

What You’ll Experience

Throughout this two day online workshop retreat designed specifically for women business owners, you’ll engage in highly interactive mastermind sessions, take part in creative and self-exploratory activities, and participate in deep and meaningful conversations with daring and bold business owners. When you give yourself this time and space to reflect, plan and work ON your business, you’ll:

  • Pinpoint critical areas in your business that are keeping you from earning what you want and serving who you want
  • Get your mind in line and on board with your BIG, BOLD vision so you make vital changes faster and easier
  • Cut through the clutter to get to the core of what really lights you up
  • Leave with a focused action plan in hand with key steps to take to expand with confidence and courage
  • Gain key practices to simplify and prioritize so you build positive and profitable momentum quickly
  • Get expert guidance on exactly what you need to do to reach your next level
  • Learn real-time strategies and tools to serve more clients and make more money
  • Form deep connections and relationships where honesty, integrity and respect reign over arbitrary rules and expectations

This is NOT a sit and listen online event. This is a hands-on, interactive experience that will uplevel your business and your results.

This workshop retreat is designed to provide the much-needed time, space and inspiration to work ON your business instead of IN it.

You’ll be equipped with vital business tools, training and mastermind sessions to gain momentum fast – and an action plan in hand to stay on track!

The investment you make here radically shifts the results you experience both in your life and your business.

“I cannot believe how much faster I can go when I have the dedicated FEST program and support from one of my favorite communities to get me to the next level. When looking at all of the experiences that a business owner and fempreneur can create for yourself, FEST, by far, is my #1! If you’re a business owner focused on scaling up each year, Fab Fempreneur Fest is the best! I love it and thank you, Sara!!!”

– Dana Magnis, The MKTG Brand

“This event far surpassed my expectations. This is no feel-good, rah-rah motivational retreat––it was packed with useful (and often eye-opening) ideas, support, and solutions. We had plenty of hands-on time to work ON our business instead of in it, and to get valuable feedback. Most surprising was the powerfully strategic focus on leapfrogging daily details to work smarter. Fab Fempreneur Fest radically up-leveled my game. But most of all, what an incredible atmosphere of collaborative, generous, open go-getters, unafraid of success. I made so many friends––really discovered a community. So powerful, Sara. Thank you!”

– Fest Attendee

Who Should Attend

I’m a “keep it real” kind of woman and I tell the truth even when it’s hard….

So, here’s what you need to know upfront…

There is no magic spell, no one size fits all blueprint or fantastic funnel that’s going to set you on a path to making the income and the impact you want.

Because blazing your own path takes…
Courage to show up and face what isn’t working
Collaborating with other women who are further along on the journey
Contributing your time, your energy and your knowledge
Commitment to making changes when and where necessary
Continuing to show up for yourself consistently and unapologetically

The truth is, you have to be honest about where you are in your business, open to doing business in a new and fun way, and willing to lean on and listen to fellow female entrepreneurs.

Fab Fempreneur Fest is for you if:

      • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work ON your business
      • You’re willing to face the stuff that’s holding you back or getting in the way
      • You want to make more money without running yourself into exhaustion
      • You want to have more fun in your business and more excitement in your life
      • You’ve achieved BIG goals, but you haven’t had a breather to imagine what’s next
      • You’ve got BOLD ambitions but you have no idea how to make them happen
      • You want real and doable strategies that won’t lead to sacrificing your health, well-being or your integrity
      • You’re excited to connect with other vibrant and genuine women business owners who care, collaborate and are committed to supporting you
      • You enjoy being a part of honest and insightful conversations that result in innovative solutions and inner shifts
      • You deeply desire to be part of a caring community with a built in system of support and accountability

If this sounds like you, get ready to have more FUN, make a meaningful DIFFERENCE and do BRAVE things in your business.

Fab Fempreneur Fest

From Blending In to Blazing Your Own Path

January 28 – January 29, 2022

2 Day Online Workshop Retreat for Women Business Owners

Sure, you could keep hustling and doing business like everyone else, and you might even reach some of your bigger goals.

  • But imagine the growth, clarity and breakthroughs you’d experience…
  • If you paused and dedicated just 2 days to work ON your business….
  • In the company of ambitious and caring fempreneurs just like you…
  • Where you felt inspired, guided and supported…
  • In blazing your own path to a brave, bold and bountiful business…
  • That led to renewed excitement and tangible results…

“Everyone left the event with an action plan and next steps, rather than being overwhelmed with too much information. I really valued this implementation time piece, as we could bounce ideas off of one another, and truly mastermind. The ROI was tremendous for me with $50,000 in sales from Fest within 4 months. I would highly recommend Sara’s events – they are organized, engaging, and valuable–and she will take good care of you!”

-M. Shannon Hernandez, Marketing Consultant

That’s the power of this online workshop retreat!

If you’re ready to blaze your own path to running a daring, deeply meaningful and value based business, join us at Fab Fempreneur Fest!

The Investment

Setting aside 2 days at this online workshop retreat gives you a greater ROI than you can even imagine right now. For the price of one week’s worth of groceries, you could double or triple your income by having a clear vision and an action plan in hand to see it through. But the greatest return comes from the support you’ll feel and the connections you’ll make that you won’t find anywhere else.

4 Laser Focused Group Coaching Sessions with Sara Clark Williams
4 Breakout Sessions featuring Fab Fempreneur Fest Guest Experts
Mastermind & Networking Sessions
Ask Us Anything Fab Fempreneur Panel Discussion
Creative activities to boost energy, inspiration and genuine connection

VALUE $4,000
ONLY $197

Everything in Regular Ticket PLUS:
2 Kick-Ass VIP Group Coaching Days- 1 session 2 weeks before Fest (Expand and Revitalize Your Vision for Growth) and 1 session 2 weeks after (Map Out Your 12-Month Revenue Plan)
Exclusive access to all session recordings
VIP-only sessions during the event
Swag Bag filled with goodies to support your personal and professional success shipped directly to you!
VALUE $7,500
ONLY $997

“I came out of FEST with renewed energy, clarity and rigor to take my business to the next level. And I know it worked because I enrolled a new client into my high-ticket offer the very next day. There is no replacement for dedicated work time with an amazing guide (thanks Sara!) and a community full of inspiring fempreneurs to hold you accountable!”

– Tina Medina, The VIBE Movement

“I cannot tell you how good it feels, how inspired I am, how productive those days were on a personal and professional level. This isn’t a conference where you sit and listen. This is an exciting and inspiring event where you do the work right then and there and leave with a plan, action steps, and a clear path forward.”

– Fest Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions

What's INCLUDED in my ticket?

Regular tickets inlclude the full 2 day experience. VIP tickets include the full days plus evening events both days and additional support as listed above. Get all the coaching, content, speakers, and connection opportunities!

Where is Fab Fempreneur Fest?

We are ONLINE for this year’s Fest! We are still able to bring all the fabulous elements of Fest to you! We will have several breaks and creative expression sessions to help you stay energized.

What topics will be covered?

You’ll be coached through 4 core topics by Sara including:

  1. Enhance Your Money Mindset
  2. Price for Value to Earn What You’re Worth
  3. Time & Energy Saving Systems that Work For You
  4. From Doing it All to Doing What You Do Best

Afternoon breakout sessions with our special guest speakers range from Sales and Marketing to Money Mindset and your Business Financial Systems. All sessions are focused on tangible action plans!

Is there a dress code?

Comfy business casual is recommended. Although it’s virtual, we want you to be comfortable while also keeping in mind this is a great opportunity to network and collaborate with new connections!

Are there refunds?

This is a refund-free event. Many decisions are made in advance based on registration. Please register only if you are ready to make the commitment to yourself and your business. We want to support you in supporting yourself to stay committed.

NOTE: If an unforeseeable emergency occurs we do offer a credit forward to apply to another Fab Fempreneurs service or event. 

Can I register the day of the event?
No. Because of the planning required to make this event fabulous, you must register by the deadline. Please note there are multiple ticket registration deadlines- the sooner you register the better deal you get ;-).
How can I become a speaker or sponsor at the event?
We’re now accepting applications for speakers and sponsors at the 2021 event. Contact Sara for more details here.
What is the VIP Ticket Experience?

Click here to learn more about VIP ticket opportunities.

Fab Fempreneur Fest








Special Thanks to our 2022 Sponsors:

Tammy Ferreira, Divorce University Online
Fest Sponsor Divorce University Online

Tammy Ferreira, Divorce University Online

Tammy R. Ferreira became interested in divorce and child custody issues as a result of personal experience, her divorce in 2006.  At the time, Tammy had been married for 17 years and had two sons aged 11 and 15. The experience was emotionally and financially devastating. Her experience drove her desire to help people navigate the divorce process in a positive way.

Tammy holds an MBA and has always had a talent for analyzing financial information. However, she began to see a pattern of women struggling not only with finances, but with co-parenting issues, self-esteem, and dealing with narcissistic exes that continued to have an emotional even after divorce. This inspired her to bring her knowledge and experience into the realm of supporting women in these situations. She now helps women in all phases of divorce and child custody situations through her group and individual coaching services.

Fab Fempreneur Speaker Katy Temple
Fest Sponsor Katy Temple Media Coaching

Katy Temple, Katy Temple Media Coaching

Katy Temple is the Founder and CEO of Katy Temple Media Coaching. Leveraging over 25 years plus of sports broadcasting, Katy is committed to helping her clients be the best version of themselves on-camera and in person. She believes that great communication skills can empower change, launch careers, and will never go out of style.

Before focusing on executive media coaching, Katy built her reputation as an Emmy award winning, sports broadcaster, where she covered sports locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Fest Sponsor Ryann Dowdy
Fest Sponsor Ryann Dowdy

Ryann Dowdy, Uncensored Consulting

After 15 years in the Corporate World, I woke up one day feeling unfulfilled. Bored. Stuck. Frustrated. And guilty.

I did everything I was supposed to do in life… but I was DONE.

Done being told what hours I had to work.

Done rushing around, spending little time with my family.

Done fitting my entire personal life into weekends. 

Through networking, I met armies of women doing amazing things … struggling to get clients and make money in their businesses.

In the corporate space, I was able to help several start-up businesses build multi-million dollar sales organizations. 

I was known for being a great trainer and coach.

THAT was my calling: Teach women how to SELL in a way that feels good to THEM so they can make more money and take back control of their lives. My mission is to help more women hit that 6-figure mark – and beyond.