JANUARY 29-30, 2021


Join us for the 3rd annual “conference meets retreat” where you get the Guidance + Resources + Community to grow your business all in one 2-day event!

You’re serious about growing your business and LOVE what you do! 


You’re busy doing lots of things and have built SOME areas of your business, but you’re still not getting the results you want…

OR… Even if you’re getting good results- your vision is expanding and there are gaps that must be filled to grow to your next level.

You’re READY to reach your goals, make more money, make a bigger difference, and have LESS STRESS and MORE FUN!

If you stay where you’re at and don’t take the right intentional action to address these gaps, you risk getting STUCK, feeling totally exhausted and unfulfilled, and possibly being in the same exact place in a year from now.  

You’re ready to have the TIME, SPACE, and GUIDANCE to map out your next level!

Join us at Fab Fempreneur Fest!


Friday, January 29th through Saturday, January 30th, 2021


We have creatively translated our in-person event to a fabulous virtual experience! All the same powerful guidance, content, speakers, networking time, and creative exercises brought together!

“If you are yearning for a supportive community and business building workshops that make a difference

Fab Fempreneur Fest HAS to be part of your annual business development budget- period. You have to plan and schedule these events for your business to grow.”

– Julia Andrews, Connect2Close

Watch the video from last year:


In the morning for both Friday and Saturday, Sara will coach you from the stage through 4 must-have strategies from her Signature Business Building Program:

I. The Big Picture Destination- Your Vision
Success looks different for each of us. What direction do you want to go in the next year, and what does that look like? Explore and envision your unique desired journey to success and what you want to accomplish, contribute and experience along the way.

II. The Big Offer- Your Core Offer
Serve your traveling companions (aka: your clients) in a way that will make the biggest impact, make the most revenue, and bring the most fun! Yes- it’s possible! Create a compelling core offering that potential clients fall in love with.

III. Your Traveling Companions- Your Ideal Client
Define or re-fine your TOP ideal client who you want more of! Uncover who they are so you can be in their shoes and speak directly about what matters to THEM. Who do you want to take with you on your journey? How can you serve them best?

IV. Map it Out – Your Plan of Action
Create a 90-day plan of action to attract and covert more clients, grow your business and go next-level! Write your step-by-step plan to travel to your destination.

(Even if you’ve worked on these areas before, it’s a perfect chance to refine and go next level!)

Both afternoons you’ll get breakout sessions from Fab Fempreneurs that focus on RELEVANT, business-building topics. 

Fest attendee, Jennifer passionately shared: “If you want crystal clarity on growing, improving or messaging your business this is the place to create that! And, not only create, but have specific goals and action steps to get there! I went in to the event not knowing what to expect at all, and it exceeded my expectations in a huge way! These last few years of my business have been great, but I felt like I was getting too comfortable and I wasn't feeling super inspired. I had lost sight of what I loved shooting, but I was so overwhelmed about the amount of work I have on a day to day just to keep everything going and my clients happy, I never carved the time to really set goals and evaluate where I was at.

The time that Sara led us through allowed me to really sit with myself and my thoughts, and give myself a better understanding about what I wanted out of my business. Where it's going, who my clients are, where I'm spreading myself too thin, what I need to do in order to make myself work less and make more money. I feel so much more confident now that I have a clearer picture about where I plan to take things in 2020 - it was a gray cloud hanging over my head that's basically disappeared. It no longer seems so unachievable, and I'm excited to really get going on my plans and begin to execute my ideas.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that every single woman I met over this weekend was incredible. I met ladies who have been in their business for almost two decades, and ladies who still hadn't decided what exactly what type of business they wanted to start. Every single woman was open, kind, friendly, uplifting, and supportive. I genuinely feel like I didn't just make new business contacts at this event, I made new friends!”

Jennifer Siegwart, Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

“Fab Fempreneur Fest is a one-of-a-kind experience that every woman entrepreneur should be a part of.

It was a rewarding experience to not only attend last year but come back more established in my business as a “Sweet Spot Sponsor.” I gained valuable knowledge of the industry, had “ah-ha” moments when mapping out my goals and connected with some incredible women. Not only was it two days to laser focus on my goals I made friends with women who are now my clients!”

Natalie Neece, Virtual Assistant

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Get even MORE out of your experience with this amazing community to grow your business

At Fest we focus on supporting you to


Take advantage of the time and space to think, see what’s possible and create! Get clear on what you want and the direction you’re headed.


Discover growth strategies to create the business and live you want. Map out your exact next steps for what each strategy looks like in your unique business.


Feel inspired, express and explore creative juices, and connect with other passionate, growth-minded fempreneurs. Plus, soak up lots of fun and relaxation moments cleverly woven throughout the weekend!


Ends January 31, 2020
Individual Tickets: $597
Pair of Tickets: $897
Feb 1—August 31, 2020
Individual Tickets: $697
Pair of Tickets: $997
September 1—December 15, 2020
Individual Tickets: $597
Pair of Tickets: $897
December 16— January 15, 2021
Individual Tickets: $797
Pair of Tickets: $1,097


Frequently Asked Questions

What's INCLUDED in my ticket?

The full 2 day experience is included. Get all the coaching, content, speakers, and connection opportunities! 

Where is Fab Fempreneur Fest?

We are ONLINE for this year’s Fest! We are still able to bring all the fabulous elements of Fest to you! We will have several breaks to help you stay energized. 

What topics will be covered?

The high-level agenda is listed above, and specific topics include creating business & ideal client clarity, developing a 90-day action plan, defining/refining services and pricing, Instagram Secrets, Your Branding Personality, how to create a movement, managing risk, creating mission-driven marketing, and more.

Is there a dress code?

Comfy business casual is recommended. We want you to be comfortable while also keeping in mind this is a great opportunity to network and collaborate with new connections!

Are there refunds?

No. This is a refund-free event. Many decision are made in advance based on registration. Please register only if you are ready to make the commitment to yourself and your business. If an unforeseeable emergency occurs we do permit substitutions (another person in your place).

Can I register the day of the event?
No. Because of the planning required to make this event fabulous, you must register by the deadline. Please note there are multiple ticket registration deadlines- the sooner you register the better deal you get ;-).
Is the event limited to certain number of people?

Yes, this event has limited seating! Be sure to register to reserve your spot!

How can I become a speaker or sponsor at the event?
We’re now accepting applications for speakers and sponsors at the 2021 event. Click here for more information.










Click here to learn more about being a sponsor.


Ashlynn Cubbison, Entrepreneur & Author, AshlynnCubbison.com


Dana Magnus, CEO, The MKTG Brand


Marcy Browe, CEO, Marcy Browe Photography


Zhe Scott, Owner, The SEO Queen


Lori Wilson, Financial Professional, AXA Advisors, LLC


Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, Ph.D., CEO of TEEM Innovation Group

“Fab Fempreneur Fest and Sara Clark-Williams are AMAZING!

What an inspiring and practical two days I spent creating a breathtaking new vision for my business and then getting to work immediately on the first steps to realizing it. I met so many incredible, high-level women entrepreneurs, and it was a privilege to be one of the featured breakout speakers. Thank you, Sara, for creating such an inspiring environment for women to thrive and breakthrough to their next level of success! I’m looking forward to the next one. :-)”

– Rebecca Massoud, Speak Shine Sell