If you ask any entrepreneur in business for any length of time they will tell you they have or have had doubts about their ability to be successful at reaching a goal or implementing an idea. I’ve had doubts and I’m sure you have too!

Doubts are normal, but they can be crippling if left unchecked. So, how do you deal with doubt- and ensure they don’t stop you from fully moving forward in fempreneur freedom?

Here are 7 powerful ways to crush those doubts and move forward with confidence so you can make your desired impact, grow your business, and get the results you want:

Notice what you’re saying. Examine it; is it an unrealistic fear made up in your mind that’s totally baseless? OR is it your brain telling you what to consider or be mindful of? Doubts can be useful information that support you to know what needs to be changed either within you and/or the strategy for your goal or project. Make doubts work FOR you rather than against you.

Be clear on your vision and why you’re in business. When you have doubts or fears pop up, it’s easier to squash them when you know why your desired project or goal is important. If your idea is aligned with your vision, and it will move you closer to the experiences or results you want in your life and your business, it’s probably something you should go after! That clarity and understanding can give you just the amount of courage you need to set your doubts aside and charge ahead!

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Remind yourself of past accomplishments. When I have doubt, I remind myself of something I was afraid to do previously that I did anyway, and how amazing it felt to move through that fear and experience things that I wouldn’t have had I not gone for it. I bet you can think of something you have achieved that took courage. Use that courage for whatever you want to do now that may feel scary.

Read positive reviews, feedback and testimonials. A quick way to get a boost of confidence and gratitude, and feel capable, is to read the testimonials of happy clients or positive feedback from friends and mentors. Store these somewhere you can easily get to (e.g. binder, folder in your email, file saved in your review folder).

Exercise. Yes, I do mean it! When I was training for my first half marathon (something I never thought I could do until I decided I was going to) I had to be disciplined with training, and push myself to go farther than I thought I could. It became more of a mental challenge than physical one. Because I pushed through it, my confidence grew and I felt invincible! I was ready to take on bigger goals- and that’s what happened! Do something that requires you to challenge yourself physically and feel your courage and vision expand.

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Tap into your Hub. The people and places you surround yourself with are powerful and have an impact on you and your success. That’s why it’s one of the 4 areas of the Fab 4 Formula. Talk with someone about your doubts or fears to get support, encouragement, and test to see if they are founded. They can help give clarity to your situation and even connect you with the resources, connections or steps you need to take!

Play with the idea first. If you want to muster up some courage and confidence before going “all out” with your idea or dream, play with it first. Do a brainstorming session about it with someone you trust (e.g. business best friend, business coach, mastermind group). Draw or collage it – use colors, words and/or images that enable you to “see it” happening. Do a small step toward it and see how it feels. Have fun with it and it won’t seem so scary- instead, it will be more exciting and clear!

Which of these ways have worked for you to deal with doubt? Share with us in the comments below.

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