There are critical questions every female entrepreneur must ask herself if she intends to build a successful build a successful businessbusiness. Ask yourself the questions below to get on your way to feeling more fulfilled and financially successful:

#1 ~ What drives me?

You started your business to not only make a living, but to also make a difference. Be clear on the difference you’re setting out to make. It’s easy to let the passion for why you started your business fade, so keep whatever drives you and your business front and center. It’s often what keeps you going through the tough days, and we all have ‘em!

#2 ~ How will I get there?

Knowing your values and having lots of passion isn’t enough to have a successful, growing business. You need a sense of direction (aka: vision) and a plan of action for carrying out your amazing vision! Consider what you want to DO to see your vision become reality. It’s easy to jump into all kinds of efforts to build your business, but really the only ones that matter most are those that connect you with your goals. So, set goals that kick butt and get you excited!

#3 ~ Does my daily way support my big picture?

Ah, yes. Habits. The reality is, success and progress are hinged upon what you actually do. It’s great to have a strategic plan, but if it’s not translating into your weekly and daily actions then it’s not really serving you. Make sure your habits and priorities align with your plan to grow your business.

#4 ~ Am I trying to do it alone and just winging it?

You’re going to hit a ceiling. No, not the glass ceiling! It’s the capacity ceiling that comes when you can only do what you can do with sheer hard work. Launching and growing a business that is fabulously fulfilling and financially successful requires efficiency and leverage. Consider whose support or assistance you need to get to the next stage, whether by joining a mastermind group or coaching program, delegating to a virtual assistant, or outsourcing your bookkeeping, etc. Likewise, I’m sure there are things you can streamline or automate to save time and money. Spending unnecessary time on recreating things or on low payoff tasks will hold you back from expanding.

#5 ~ What are my numbers?

Some fempreneurs find tracking numbers or managing their money to be one of the less enjoyable activities of running their business. Nonetheless, to be in the sweet spot of your business, you’ve got to know the numbers that matter to your business. Other than financial goals and sales, consider what metrics will give you a clear picture of your current results and progress. That way, you’ll be informed and make empowered choices about your business.

#6 ~ What is my marketing and sales recipe?

With all the ways to market your business, deciding which ones are right for you can be overwhelming. Decide what your marketing mix is based on your target audience and goals. Then focus on those and do them well, rather than scattering your efforts and resources trying to do too many things at once. Then, know when to sell (hint: after marketing). Gather and own the confidence you need to ask for the sale and others will feel confident in you too.

#7 ~ How am I demonstrating leadership?

You have an incredible opportunity to make an impact with your customers, your professional community and your industry. Be proactive and look for ways you can start stepping up and out to lead in each area. Be open to what leadership means to you, as it’s not just a title or position, but rather socially influencing others in some way. Is it through writing a blog or book, speaking, or perhaps connecting people who’d be great referral partners? No need to be President of all your professional groups or start another networking group (unless you really want to!). Being a leader is part of being a fempreneur!

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