Make the Most of the 7 Essential Building Blocks Guide

business coachCongrats on taking that first step to get greater momentum in your business or take it to the next level!

I hope you have read the “7 Essential Building Blocks for a Successful Business” guide. You definitely want to make the most of it and really benefit from it as a tool to grow your business.

Here are 3 tips for getting each of the 7 building blocks for a successful business set up:

1) Print it out. Print out the download and keep it with you in a pad-folio or notebook you carry. Get familiar with these 7 essentials and make them part of how to build your business, whether you’re newer, or established and looking to move to the next level.
2) Schedule time to work ON your business. The day quickly gets away from you if you see “what’s left” at the end of the day. Block off that time in your calendar to work in each of the 7 blocks and stick to it!
3) Get guidance. A BIG factor in successfully reaching your goals is support. It’s hard to build your business when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. I’ll be sharing Momentum Tips with you in the next 2 weeks via email so look for those! (or if you know you need guidance and some structure to really get things moving, check out my Business Breakthrough Series E-course.)
To your fabulous business!




P.S. If you haven’t already, pop on over to Twitter or Facebook and share the 7 Essential Building Blocks download with your fempreneur friends using this link. Many fempreneurs get stuck in the struggle to grow their business and I am so excited to share these building blocks with as many women as possible! Thank you! 🙂