Guest post by Kristin Deuber

Using media to help launch your new business, announce a new product, or keep your brand in the spotlight is not a new idea, but today’s digital world has changed the way you go about it.

Who you target, how you reach them, and what you do before and after the coverage can make or break a successful media relations campaign.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting your brand noticed in the digital age.

  1. Broaden Your Base: Identifying your ideal client is certainly a great place to start, as Sara writes about here. Building on that, there is a world of influencers that can help tell your story. There are bloggers that write about your industry or product, networking groups that reach your perfect client or ideal investor, and online media outlets that focus on every possible niche market you can think of. Think both big and small: national or even international and local. Go beyond your traditional industry publications and find these outside influencers to help tell your story.[Tweet “Top 5 tips for getting your brand noticed in the digital age @FabFempreneurs @kmackdeuber”]
  2. Make It Personal: Once you’ve compiled this list of contacts (journalists, reporters, writers, influencers, social networks, etc.), it’s time to connect. Follow their work, comment and share their articles or posts. Get them to notice you. If you’ve done your homework and your brand is something they write about, they will likely follow you back or check out your website. Rather than mass distributing a press release, take the extra time to reach out to each one. If possible, offer to meet for coffee or lunch. Find a way for them to see the knowledge and enthusiasm you have first-hand. The relationships you build during this stage will pay off down the road.
  3. Give Them the Goods: Up your chances of a journalist or blogger telling your story by making it oh-so easy on them. Make sure you have an up-to-date and easy access online press room on your website. Send them pre-approved content, photos and videos to share. Journalists are often under tight deadlines, so be prompt in your delivery of information. Don’t get lazy and send previously published material. Everyone wants fresh content. Being easy to work with and getting them everything they need to write a great piece will likely lead to more coverage in the future. Here is an article I recently published on this topic on LinkedIn.
  4. Tell It, Don’t Sell It: Today’s audiences – whether it’s writers, clients, stakeholders, or the general public – know when they are being sold. Kill the promotion. They want to hear authentic stories of how your product or service solved a problem or helped someone. Self-promotion and marketing speak will get passed over for storytelling every time.[Tweet “Self-promotion & marketing speak will get passed over for storytelling every time. @FabFempreneurs @kmackdeuber”]
  5. Once You Get it, Use It: So, you got the article or post, now what? Each media hit is a chance for you to re-share, retweet, and post. Post a permanent link on the news section of your website. Share a link on all your social media networks. Send it to stakeholders in an e-newsletter. Add a link to the latest coverage in your email signature. Include a print out of the piece in your new client packet. The mileage you get out of every hit can be endless.

With the reach of today’s print and online media outlets, garnering coverage for your brand should be at the top of your marketing mix. Thinking beyond the traditional press release and using a fresh approach can increase both the amount of coverage, and the relevance. Let me help find the right mix for your brand. From media relations coaching sessions to a do-it-yourself package or full launch program, I offer special packages for small businesses and entrepreneurs that can take your brand to the next level.


media relationsKristin Deuber, APR, is President/Founder of KMD Public Relations + Marketing. As an independent consultant, Kristin works with clients ranging from non-profit organizations to Fortune 500 companies to help them educate, inspire and connect with key audiences. With strong relationships with key local, regional and national media, Kristin’s clients have served as expert resources for top-tier media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Associated Press, USA Today and BuzzFeed. Kristin can be reached at You can also follow her on Twitter at @kmackdeuber or on LinkedIn at