Do you feel muddled about marketing your products and services to attract more clients? Are you uncomfortable promoting your expertise and your business?


Or does marketing seem like a multi-faceted Rubik’s cube you haven’t quite mastered?


Would you be thrilled if you never had to market your business again?

Aha! You’re in great company.

Did you know, according to Capterra Finance, a whopping 76 percent of entrepreneurs report facing marketing challenges and wish they had help managing the marketing beast? If this is you, I’m glad you’re here!

Let’s dive in and look at five ways you can tame the marketing monster. When you start by getting a firm handle on the ideal client you want to serve, you’ll also increase your confidence. That leads to attracting more clients you love, more income, and making the big impact you want to have. Sound good?

Tips to Attract More Clients Now 

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Reframe your mindset around marketing yourself. Empower yourself to communicate with your audience of potential clients with confidence and certainty. Start by shifting attention away from yourself and focus intently on the plight of your ideal clients. This will allow you to set aside your fears and hesitations about self-promoting.

As an entrepreneur ready to attract more clients, your marketing mission is twofold; 1) communicate to potential clients—in the style that’s authentic for you—that you ‘get’ them and 2) educate prospects about what’s possible for them when they work with you.

In the rush to attract more clients, don’t lose sight of the reason for starting your business. You chose to be an entrepreneur so you can help people with your special talents, following your unique process, right? Communicate that intention and purpose with your marketing.

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Become crystal-clear about the specific client you want to serve. Too many entrepreneurs say their services can help (nearly) everyone. They’re afraid of missing out on business if they focus on a perfect client. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the reality is when you focus on a specific client—the person who gets fabulous results from your work—you’ll attract more of them!

Questions to help you refine exactly who is the client you want more of:

  • Precisely who is the client you love working with and makes you feel fulfilled?
  • What are their values, attitudes, and priorities?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • What frustrates them and has them stuck?

I recommend you go far beyond demographics and refine the story of precisely who are your perfect clients. Get to know them like you know your family.

Be Sherlock Holmes. Uncover your ideal clients’ top pain points, dreams, and desires. Craft your messaging, content, and conversations around the most pressing pain points your ideal clients want to solve. Or the dreams they want to achieve.

Often expert-entrepreneurs fall into the trap of talking about topics they ‘think’ their clients need to understand, instead of issues clients are stressing over. Avoid this pitfall. Focus your content research on determining what’s important to your ideal client. Then prepare content on those themes.

Examine your marketing messages, content, and self-introduction with fresh eyes. Once you have a clearer understanding of your ideal client look at everything from your ideal clients’ viewpoint. Are you talking mainly about their desired outcomes? Do you over-emphasize your products, services, and your qualifications? Do you share inspiring stories about how you help people like them get unstuck and solve long-standing problems? Revise your messaging so you’re speaking directly to your ideal client about what matters most to them.

Tweak your content so your ideal client thinks, “Wow, she really gets how I’m stuck. I need her help.”

Design Your 30-Day Content plan. This is your simple, direct roadmap for how and where you will share your message and connect with prospects, both online and in the real world. If you want to successfully grow your business, you must be more than simply passionate about your mission. You want to be strategic, diligent, and disciplined about getting your message, your content and your voice out. Make it easy for the clients you want most to help to find you. Keep your online presence fresh, as Sara reminds us.

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Final Thoughts

Set an intention to hone your comfort and confidence level about attracting more clients, no matter how far outside your comfort zone it feels. Invest your time and focus your brilliant mind on spelling out the exact sorts of clients you want more of. Then map out your detailed plan to attract and connect with more clients. Your people need you!

Do You Want Help?

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Cynthia Trevino is the creator of the ‘Client Clarity to Cash Flow’ Signature Program, teaching purpose-driven women entrepreneurs how to attract more perfect clients so they can make the income and have the impact they want. She has spent over 30 years helping businesses big and small attract clients, meet income goals, and fulfill missions. Cynthia is the author of the upcoming book, She Markets, A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Simple Steps to Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have More Impact. Lean more at, Client Conversion Coach Blog