Just when you crossed a few things off your list you’re adding ten more. Sound familiar?

Building a growing business or kicking things up a notch entails the daily maintenance tasks of runningto-do list a business combined with all of those project related tasks to grow it. When you factor in the unexpected, soon it can feel like your business is running you instead of vice versa. Here are four steps to tame your to-do list and feel more productive in your business:

  1. Defer. I’m betting that not all tasks on your to-do list are of equal importance or time-sensitivity. That’s why prioritizing your task list is essential to effectively managing your time, energy, resources, AND seeing the most progress toward your goals. Go ahead and review your to-do list. If an item on your list is not a high priority or not going to make a big difference in your progress, defer it to another day, week or month. (No, not all tasks should have the same due date, you high achiever you!)
  2. Delegate. You may be superwoman, and rock the outfit too, but creating sustainable business success isn’t done solo. You need the support of various people in your hub, whether it’s a graphics designer, accountant, personal or admin assistant, marketing manager, or all of the previous you must choose the team who will take you to the top of your success mountain. Decide which of your to-do list items can and should be delegated. Then identify the right person to do them. (Hint: Don’t delegate the stuff you love and are great at doing! That’s what keeps you feeling fulfilled.) Move those off your list to the appropriate person stat![Tweet “It’s POSSIBLE to tame your to-do list and feel more productive in your business! @FabFempreneurs”]
  3. Delete. Yes, remove it from your list! Look over your now dwindling list of to-dos and get real about what you are going to do and what is connected to your current business goals. If there are items on the list that simply don’t make sense anymore due to changing circumstances or shifting priorities, cross those off your list! Feel more productive? You should!
  4. Do. After you’ve combed through your list with the first 3 steps above, your final step to tame your to-do list is to DO the items on your list. If you haven’t yet done so, add a due date for each item on your list. Start using this list to determine what to work on each week if you haven’t been doing so. If you have a solid, thought-out list of tasks on your to-do list, and you’re committed to blocking off time to work on a handful of items each week, you’ll quickly be crossing things off your list. Dang, that sounds like a to-do list that’s been tamed! Great job fab fempreneur!

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