3 Steps to Make More Money Now

Simplify Your Business and Launch Your Sales

Is growing your business feeling complicated or overwhelming?

Are you exhausted, yet still not getting all the important things done?

Are you very busy, but really need to make more money?

Perhaps you answered “yes” to one of those and maybe even all three questions. Whatever you are experiencing in your business right now, there are practical things you can intentionally do to simplify the path to growing your business, focus your energy on what matters most, and feel great about your results. It is possible! I know it is because my Signature Business Building program leads female entrepreneurs to strategically build their business in 7 key areas to produce lasting results, and the three steps in this 3-part series are part of this program. Even if you haven’t participated in my program, implementing these 3 steps can provide the boost you need to get momentum going and get you started toward lasting results instead of simply focusing on getting the next sale.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or ready to take your existing business to the next level, you can equip yourself by taking three powerful steps that will immediately simplify and clarify your business priorities, and position you to launch your sales. You started your business to make a difference and make a living- this series will reveal three steps you can take that will not only support you to do more of what you love and make a difference, but also to make more money. After all, the goal is to put you in the “sweet spot” of your business where you can be fulfilled and profitable!

Here is the third step in the 3-part series to make more money:

Step 3: Create a Time Management Philosophy and Practice that Works for You.

Aug Ezine2Have you ever set forth full speed ahead to accomplish dozens of things on your daily to-do list, only to complete half of them? Do you struggle to feel productive at the end of the day?

If so, like many fempreneurs, you probably have ended up frustrated and feeling constantly behind. Yuck…

You can start feeling successful now by learning how to focus on what matters most and feel confident in your chosen priorities. That’s when you’ll start seeing progress toward growing your business and launching your sales. There’s so much talk about time management, so where can you start to get real results in your business scenario?

Start by looking at your time management philosophy and practices.

What’s your time management philosophy?

How you approach your time can help or hinder your satisfaction with your life, your business, and the results you get. There is empowerment in the philosophy that you can prioritize on purpose. This belief alone can give you more freedom and confidence to say yes or no to things that do not align with your goals. Ultimately what you do is what you prioritize. So, be sure that your “doing” reflects your true priorities. Another time management philosophy: it’s not the number of things you can accomplish in one day that matters most, it’s the potential impact or return of accomplished tasks. This approach takes pressure off of you from trying to accomplish too much in one day, and instead supports you to identify the most important tasks (see below). What are some other beliefs or approaches to your time that you have or can create to assist you?

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What are your time management practices?

Once you understand your philosophy you can set up practices that reinforce it. I coach my clients to establish daily practices of setting their intention for their day including identifying their top 3-5 priorities, then checking their progress at the end of the day. By doing so, even if you do not complete all of your tasks, you can feel a sense of satisfaction having completed your most important ones. It is better to complete 3-5 things that are important to you and feel great about it rather than expect to do 10 things that are seemingly equally important only to complete 3-5 anyway. You feel a lot different about yourself, your business, and your life at the end of the day depending on your daily time management practices.

Your daily practices and decisions either connect you with your desired outcomes or distract you from them. Sometimes there are “little practices” that can become big distractors: when you need to write, create a new product, or make follow up calls to your new prospective clients, but instead get distracted by unimportant emails, perusing on social media aimlessly, or checking out the latest Nordstrom sales.  When these little distractors become big ones you lose your focus power and creative/productive time to increase your sales and reach your exciting business goals. Definitely make time for fun and down time- just be sure it’s intentional and not accidental “leaks” in your productivity.

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In this 3-part series you learned how identifying and choosing your ideal clients, knowing your business blueprint, and creating a time management philosophy and practices can support you to simplify your business and position you to increase your sales. I encourage you to choose your actions steps now. Share them directly in the comments below! You’ll be on your way to feeling great about your progress and enjoying the fabulous business you created!

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