3 Steps to Make More Money Now

Simplify Your Business and Launch Your Sales

Is growing your business feeling complicated or overwhelming?

Are you exhausted, yet still not getting all the important things done?

Are you very busy, but really need to make more money?

Perhaps you answered “yes” to one of those and maybe even all three questions. Whatever you are experiencing in your business right now, there are practical things you can intentionally do to simplify the path to growing your business, focus your energy on what matters most, and feel great about your results. It is possible! I know it is because my Signature Business Building program leads female entrepreneurs to strategically build their business in 7 key areas to produce lasting results, and the three steps in this 3-part series are part of this program. Even if you haven’t participated in my program, implementing these 3 steps can provide the boost you need to get momentum going and get you started toward lasting results instead of simply focusing on getting the next sale.

Whether you are a new entrepreneur or ready to take your existing business to the next level, you can equip yourself by taking three powerful steps that will immediately simplify and clarify your business priorities, and position you to launch your sales. You started your business to make a difference and make a living- this series will reveal three steps you can take that will not only support you to do more of what you love and make a difference, but also to make more money. After all, the goal is to put you in the “sweet spot” of your business where you can be fulfilled and profitable!

Here is the second step in the 3-part series to make more money:

Step 2: Know Your Business Blueprint.

Create-Your-Business-PlanWhen it comes to making more money and simplifying your business so running and growing it doesn’t feel so complicated, you must ask yourself a few questions:

What are the major areas of my business?

What are the primary ways I make money?

What are the key activities required to support the primary ways I make money?

You may have a formal business plan, which can serve as your guide, providing that you regularly update it. Often, however, as an entrepreneur you need a quick view of your business model – the ways through which you make money, your customers for each, and key activities that support those. One way to accomplish this is to create your business “big picture.” The questions above can support you to create a clear big picture of your business, equipping you to make faster, more informed decisions about what to focus on, what activities to delegate, and what really needs to get done. [Tweet “Make more money by delegating @FabFempreneurs #sales”]

There are many ways you could depict your business big picture that could serve as your blueprint. Whatever format or shape, the idea is to have a clear, at-a-glance view of your business and the key strategies and activities that are required to support it. More analytical thinkers may have an outline style representation or spider chart, while the more artistic, nonlinear people may have a tree or other shape/design that makes sense for you. You can get fancy and use high-tech tools or very detailed with lots of break out outlines/diagrams/shapes from the main one; the idea is to at least have that “one sheet of paper” view that keeps it simple and gives you the information you need to quickly and clearly see your current business model and equip you to make decisions about strategies, projects and new services/products.

When you have a clear business blueprint, and want to make an adjustment in your strategies or integrate/test a new opportunity, you can quickly see if and how it fits into your business blueprint. It’s easy to lose track of where you’re at in your business or “see” your structure of services and/or products. A clear, documented business blueprint empowers you to make timely, informed decisions about what ideas or opportunities will support or expand your current business structure, or alternatively, be misaligned.

In addition to being a guide, your blueprint is also is a great validation of all the work you are doing. Have you ever asked yourself, “I am very busy, remind me…what am I working toward?” or “How does all of my effort fit into my plan?” Your business blueprint validates that all the time and energy you are spending to grow and run your business is directed toward meaningful activities that will connect you with your desired goals and experiences.

When things start to feel complicated or blurry, if you feel like you are forgetting something, or you have a new money-making idea and you want to see how it fits into your business, go to your business blueprint. Don’t have one? Feel free to contact me to set up a one-time laser coaching session to create your blueprint together, or consider building a solid foundation for your business with the Fab Fempreneurs Signature Business Building Program.