3 Must-Know Numbers to Keep Your Business in Shape

photo attribution: freedigitalphotos.net by adamr

You may love them or hate them, but they have to be attended to or you won’t grow. What am I talking about? They’re your go-to numbers in your business- the numbers that tell you how things are going; the numbers that you must track and that you can influence, on purpose to get better results!

When you’re a solopreneur it’s easy to just focus on the bottom line- your monthly or annual sales. Obviously, that’s important; however there are specific numbers or metrics that relate to a particular activity (e.g. daily calls, number of consultations, new contacts on your free download list) or goal (e.g. if your goal is to create and launch a signature workshop, a metric you may track toward that goal is percentage of the project complete OR how many workshops you’ve booked) all of which most likely directly or indirectly impact your bottom line.

So often I see women sort of struggling to reach their goals, maybe tracking their progress toward them, yet still wondering why they are not “doing better”. Having solid, meaningful goals that you’re working toward and for which you feel compelled to reach is the first part. But other than tracking progress and checking off those action items (we love to check things off the list!) what else do you need to do to be in charge of your business and the results you are getting?

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I’ve been guilty of  just focusing on reaching my goals and working my plan- that sounds funny, but it’s true. If we don’t know what leads to certain outcomes then it’s hard to intentionally create the end result. A simple example is the goal of losing 20 pounds: You map out your plan to do that with main strategies including exercise, following a Paleo diet, and support. Then let’s say you’ve listed action steps including: 1) buy the Everyday Paleo book, 2) block off an hour in my calendar 3 x per week for the gym, and 3) ask a friend to join you on the weight loss challenge.

This is great- you have your plan! But, other than working those steps, and checking them off, how do you know how you’re progressing toward your goal, or what numbers are related to the activities that you’ve decided will connect you with your goal? What numbers could you track to tell you how you are doing? Yes, you’d weigh yourself to see how close you are to your “bottom line” goal of 20 pounds lost. What else leads to weight loss though? In this example, you may track number of meals each day that were Paleo compliant and how many minutes exercised each gym day. As you track these numbers you can observe how it’s impacting your results. If it’s not up to par, you can easily make adjustments (e.g. exercise 10 more minutes to burn an extra 50-100 calories). This same approach can work for your business too.

Whichever numbers you choose to track for your business, there are 3 major types of numbers you want to consider. I recently shared the 3 Must-Know Numbers to Keep Your Business in Shape with MeTyme Network:

If you’d like my support on getting clear on your business direction and/or determine what your specific numbers should be in order to stay on track with your goals and experience your desired outcomes (e.g. revenue, impact), I invite you to set up a coaching consultation.