In this interview with Mary Fain Brandt, Founder of the LinkedIn Bakery, Sara shares 3 game changers for reaching your goals this year. Whatever stage of business, you want to make these a priority ASAP.

Sara began her entrepreneurial journey when she left the corporate world to become a one-on-one life coach. As Sara started out, she found many of her clients were asking for guidance more on their careers and businesses rather than personal life decisions. It clicked for her that she needed to create a resource for women entrepreneurs which led to the creation of Fab Fempreneurs in 2012. Sara developed a structure of programs and services for women entrepreneurs to find their vision and simplify the process of growing their business. “It can feel overwhelming to start and grow your business.” 

Whether you are working on your business goals in the beginning of the year or refining mid or end of year, these key tips can be applicable at anytime! Ask yourself, what are your top 3 goals that you really want to make visible progress on in the next couple of months. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. Align your actions with the results you want. Which action steps are connected with the results that you want?Make it a part of your daily habits to take a step forward toward those results. What is your vision for your business? If you are implementing actions that lead to realizing your Vision as a part of your daily habit, and are clear on what your goals are, you will achieve your goals in no time.



  2. Be accountable to maintain habits that align with those results-generated habits. You can start by not getting in your own way and minimizing distractions- whether people, frivolous activities, or other obligations. Be accountable through people, processes and tools. A way to stay on track is to have weekly planning: make time once weekly to map out your top priorities that week. Be sure to include actions that will help you reach your goals. This also means you need TIME to work on your goals- set aside at least a chunk of 3 hours each week for this. Having a a support system in place will help you stay accountable in your goals. If possible, have a business buddy, coach, or mastermind group to stay on track and bounce ideas off of.


  3. Embrace the habits of delegation and self-care to stay the course and enjoy your life. Taking care of yourself will allow you serve better. Each day ask yourself, “What do I need”. Then, figuring out what you need help with will help you move forward. If you know you need to delegate some tasks, start small, with hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

Bonus Tip:  Sara’s 3 steps to have work/life balance

– Take regular time off from business. In addition to weekends off, she takes the 1st and 3rd Fridays off to play and recharge. 

– Schedule a vacation, even if it is a staycation once or twice a year.

– Have a solid morning and night routine.


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About Sara Clark-Williams & Fab Fempreneurs

Founder and CEO of Fab Fempreneurs, Sara Clark-Williams took the leap from her corporate job as an Organizational Development Consultant in 2008, growing two highly profitable businesses within 5 years. Through her Fab 4 Formula℠, annual Fab Fempreneur Fest conference, and her “roll-up-your-sleeves” coaching style, Sara specializes in leading female entrepreneurs to make more money, make a bigger impact, and have more fun- that place she calls your “Sweet Spot”.  When she is not doing business, you will find her hiking local trails, training for half marathons, supporting animal welfare organizations, sipping scotch, or finding the best burgers in San Diego, with her husband Chris.